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Vote for Jeff on March 3, 2020

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Volunteer to Make Real Change

If we don’t do it, the big donors keep winning.

Volunteers are the most important resource for the Burdick for Congress campaign. Unlike other campaigns, given the choice of $100,000 in donations or 100 volunteers, we choose 100 volunteers every day. No question.

That’s potentially 100 volunteers knocking on 100 doors each. That’s 100 house parties reaching multiples more. That’s 100 lawn signs and 100s of social media sites. That’s 100 more resisting the sell-off of their representation to rich donors, corporations and special interests.

So whether you wish to knock on doors, stuff envelopes, host the candidate at a house party, create campaign videos, or plant a sign on your lawn, we value your involvement. 

Just click on the link below to get started. This includes citizens who live outside the CA-7. We will not accept your donations, but we welcome your time and energy on behalf of restoring our democracy.