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News Release

June 6, 2019

Arden-Arcade Progressive Jeff Burdick declares his candidacy
for California’s 7th Congressional District

Burdick would be Rep. Ami Bera’s first-ever Democratic primary opponent

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Arden-Arcade resident Jeff Burdick today announced his candidacy for California’s 7th Congressional District (CA-7) and launched his 2020 primary campaign to unseat incumbent Democrat Rep. Ami Bera.

Once Burdick qualifies for the March 3 primary ballot, he will become Bera’s first-ever Democratic primary opponent during Bera’s four terms in Congress. Burdick is running on a progressive platform and a non-partisan Constitutional Amendment to reform the corrupting campaign finance system. This includes allowing donations only from people eligible to vote for a candidate.

For his own campaign, Burdick has already pledged to accept no donations from anyone outside the CA-7. This includes no PACs or corporate donations.

“It is incorrect to say Congress is paralyzed by gridlock. If you are a super-rich donor, corporation or special interest, your regulatory changes, tax loopholes and pet legislation just zoom through. You can also often buy a veto over legislation you oppose,” Burdick said. “Because Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court have failed to protect our democratic ideals, a citizens-led amendment effort is the lone option left.”

​The current system has halted progress on a raft of issues that 60% to 70% of voters agree on, he noted. These include prescription drug reform, universal health care, guaranteeing a women’s right to choose, banning assault weapons, immigration reform, addressing the opioid crisis, net neutrality, increasing the minimum wage, and combating man-made causes of climate change. 

Details about Burdick’s Election Reform Amendment are available at Highlights include:

  • Banning candidates accepting donations from any individual not eligible to vote for them.

  • Overturning the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling by declaring:

    • Corporations are not people;

    • Political donations are not a protected form of speech; and

    • Mass media outlets cannot run political ads from paid dark money sources.

  • Prohibiting outside ads within 30 days of the start of balloting;

  • Ending gerrymandering by requiring the simplest district boundaries possible. 

These provisions would remove the disproportionate power wielded by PACs, SuperPACs, corporations and special interests. Further, Burdick is both realistic and optimistic about the chances to get a 28th Amendment through Congress and then ratified by 38 states.

“Ratification will not be a casual jog or even a sprint,” he said. “This will require sustained hard work. But like how citizens turned the tide against Republican attempts to repeal and replace Obamacare, when impassioned voters speak with one clear voice, Washington does back down.”

Burdick believes Sacramento County has tired of having its representation in Congress diluted by Rep. Bera’s dependence on rich outside donors. According to, 80% of Bera’s nearly $20 million in career donations have come from outside the CA-7. This includes his raising more money from Chicago ($293,000) than from Yolo County ($280,000).

“Bera may be from the area, but his shareholders are not,” Burdick said. “The CA-7 deserves a candidate who wants to represent only the CA-7, funded only by the CA-7. Plus if I win, my purist fund-raising pledge will provide a successful model for the rest of the country to follow and enact in amendment form.”​​

His other top issues are universal healthcare, combating climate change, reforming prescription drug costs, guaranteeing a woman’s right to choose, a national infrastructure investment program and balancing the budget.

Along with his wife and their adopted son, Burdick lives in Sacramento’s Arden-Arcade neighborhood. His background is originally as a journalist and then as a public affairs expert for a number of large organizations in the public, private and non-profit sectors. These include Caltrans, the Chicago Public Schools and the National Wildlife Federation.

Jeff Burdick is running to unseat incumbent Rep. Ami Bera in California’s 7th U.S. Congressional district, which roughly covers Sacramento County’s eastern half from Arden-Arcade to Folsom and from Elk Grove to Citrus Heights. Visit

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