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The Bankrupt Bee

Feb. 15, 2020

“The Bankrupt Bee” refers in several ways to The Sacramento Bee. On Thursday, Feb. 13, 2020, The Sac Bee’s newspaper group declared their financial bankruptcy. The next day, the newspaper endorsed four-term, do-nothing Congressman Ami Bera for an unmerited fifth term in Congress. They also continued their bewildering eight-plus-month blackout of any substantive news coverage about Bera’s main rival for re-election, Jeff Burdick.

Soon after, the campaign responded to this treatment in a news release. The news blackout has included no reporter ever contacting Burdick for Congress for comment, an interview, fact checking or in response the campaign’s numerous pitches and news releases. The Bankrupt  Bee’s editorial page also refuses to run any of six topical OpEd opinion pieces Jeff has submitted. 

For the first time, here are links to those essays. Consider them Jeff's “Federalist Papers.“ They are literally the essays The Bankrupt Bee does not want you to read. 

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