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Letter to Ami Bera

An Open Letter to U.S. Rep. Ami Bera (D-CA)

June 23, 2019

Hello Rep. Bera–  I am a Sacramento Democrat who earlier this month declared my candidacy to run against you in next year’s March 3 primary. In your Congressional career, this will make me the first Democrat to primary you and will give voters a well-needed choice. I look forward to a vigorous but ethically run campaign. 

My campaign also seeks to encourage stronger ethics in our elections, which has become very concerning as of late. As such, I have created a political version of the Ice Bucket Challenge to encourage candidates for any office to run campaigns of the highest ethical nature. This comes in the form of “The Good Campaign Oath,” which pledges candidates to avoid any illegal or distorting campaign acts, to report any suspicious activities including by foreign actors, and to ensure a harassment-free workplace for all staff and volunteers.

As part of my Oath taking, I have formally challenged you to also take this pledge, as well as all Democratic candidates for President. In your case, the Oath should apply to your maintaining a high ethical standard in your campaign and the conduct of your current office. To take the Oath, simply film yourself taking the Oath and post it to Social Media using the hashtags #ITookTheOath and #FreeTheVote. The full Oath text and the video of me taking Oath #1 is available at

If you or your team has any questions, I can be reached at

And good luck in our contest moving forward!

Jeff Burdick
Progressive Democrat for Congress