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Campaign News

10 Exciting Facts About Burdick for Congress

  1. Jeff Burdick is the first Democrat to ever primary Ami Bera. His candidacy is also giving voters in the 7th Congressional District their first primary choice of two Congressional Democrats candidates in 22 years.

  2. Jeff has taken the most principled fundraising pledge in the nation. No PAC, corporate or out-of-district donations. This pledge is featured in Jeff’s proposed non-partisan Election Reform Constitutional Amendment.

  3. Jeff is also the only Democrat in his race taking no corporate PAC money, just like every Democratic candidate running for president.*

  4. Jeff’s also the only Democrat in his race for Medicare for All, like 77% of Democrats and 52% of all independents.*
  5. Jeff’s the only Democrat in his race for Comprehensive Drug Cost Reform, like more than 80% of all voters.*

  6. Jeff’s the only Democrat in his race for the Green New Deal, like 86% of Democrats and 64% of independents.*

  7. Jeff created and was first to take the Good Campaign Pledge to improve ethics in our elections.

  8. Jeff’s position on impeachment put the principle of protecting our democracy ahead of all political calculations. Thus he’s favored impeachment since the findings of the Mueller Report were released in April 2019.

  9. As a former reporter, Jeff will always defend our First Amendment and free press against attacks. This includes calling out all deceptive practices to misinform and mislead the public.

  10. Jeff has a long history of civic involvement. This includes volunteering for nine years at a homeless shelter, serving as a Little League coach, volunteering full-time in two progressive Congressional campaigns, and being accepted into the U.S. Foreign Service.

* Makes you think Jeff Burdick is the only true blue Democrat running in this race.

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