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The Principled Choice for the CA-7 

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Walking the talk. Putting voters first – not big donors

I’m running a different kind of Congressional campaign. I’m running on both a traditional Progressive Democratic platform and a non-partisan Constitutional Amendment to reform our corrupted campaign finance system. Plus, I’m walking my talk by funding my run SOLELY from the people I will represent—the people of Calif.’s 7th Congressional District (the CA-7). That’s right. I’m accepting no corporate, PAC or donations from outside the district. 

My campaign finance pledge is the most principled in the nation. It reflects a core tenet of my Election Reform Constitutional Amendment. This would overturn Citizen’s United, end gerrymandering and reform other aspects of political fundraising and our elections. It’s all part of restoring the core principles of representative democracy that once made us the envy of the free world. 

Campaign News...

Ahead of Final Primary Decision,
Sac News & Review Co-endorses Burdick for Congress

Video: Jeff on taking nation’s most principled fundraising pledge

Some ask why I would limit my campaign fundraising this way, but the real question is why would we want to elect a candidate financed any other way?

Compare this to my opponent, Rep. Ami Bera. Roughly 80% of his nearly $20 million in career donations comes from outside the CA-7 district. This includes from Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Wall Street and law firms. Bera has even raised more from Chicago ($312,423) than Yolo County ($290,684).¹ That is not a local candidate. But it is part of a system that successfully marginalizes the voices and priorities of average citizens in favor of powerful interests outside our community.

What a bizarre system. Bera’s father even went to jail for laundering money to elect his son to Congress. And it worked. This same system also lets a moneyed minority block issues that 60-70% of Americans agree on. Issues like prescription drug reform, campaign finance reform, guaranteeing a woman’s right to choose, banning assault weapons, immigration reform, addressing the opioid crisis, net neutrality, fighting income inequality and combating climate change. 

This is why I am running: To change Congress, to amend the Constitution and to restore faith and pride in our election system. 

Please get involved today so come the March 3 primary, we each can say we helped FREE THE VOTE.

Jeff Burdick
Progressive Democrat for Congress

¹ According to and FEC reports

Two sides of the campaign

Progressive Issues

  • Medicare for All

  • Prescription Drug Reform 

  • Guaranteeing a woman’s right to choose

  • Green New Deal

  • Banning assault weapons 

  • Immigration reform

  • Labor and Social Justice

  • Addressing the opioid crisis

  • Among other issues. Learn more

Election Reform Constitutional Amendment

  • True Campaign Finance Reform

  • Reverse Citizens United ruling 

  • End donations from PACs, Corporations & Special Interests

  • Ban dark money

  • End Corporate Personhood

  • End Gerrymandering

  • Shorten campaign season

  • Read more

The Good Campaign Oath

Should campaigns be harassment-free workplaces? Should candidates run campaigns of the highest ethical nature? Should they report any suspect campaign practices – whether foreign or domestic – immediately to the authorities?
If you agree, challenge your local or national candidates to join Jeff in taking the Good Campaign Oath today.

California’s Congressional District 7
(Not sure if you’re in the CA-7? Look up here.)

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Running to represent the CA-7,

funded only by the CA-7

 Jeff is so committed to reforming our corrupt campaign finance system, that he will ONLY accept campaign donations from people in his district. 

Compare that to the millions raised by his opponent from Big Pharma, Big Insurance, corporatized medicine, Defense contractors, Goldman Sachs, among others.

Not in District 7?

There are many other ways to help.

The nation's most principled campaign pledge